Moral Compass

I believe there are good people and bad people.

Some bad people can pretend to do good things, but they do so disingenuously. Other bad people are just horrible and don’t hide it.

There are good people who are just good all around. They are caring and selfless because that is their nature. Then there are good people who do bad things.

If you are a good person who sometimes does bad things does that somehow make you worse than a bad person?

As a good person, you should know better than to do something wrong. Bad people don’t give it a second thought.

Does it make you less of a good person if you only think about doing something bad but don’t actually do it? Like if you fantasize about cheating, or think about strangling a person you detest till the life goes out of their body?

I sometimes feel like the old cartoons with the devil and the angel on each shoulder.

I try every day to be better than I was the day before but I lack patience and am not good at not thinking horrible things about people I don’t like.

It’s the battle between darkness and light, like I’m in a Stephen King novel.

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