An Epidemic of Epic Proportions

I have been doing a bit of traveling as of late and I’ve noticed a straight up epidemic.

It is not that there are so many younger females that are grossly overweight. It is that these women have been bamboozled into the myth of body positivity no matter what size they are.

Since these gullible dames have bought into this bullshit, they have decided that it is perfectly okay for them to wear an outfit that should basically reserved for the beach or for streetwalkers.

They are all wearing extremely short, shorts and half shirts.

Some may call it a bold statement, but the reality is that it is gross.

That’s nice that you think you look great because of misinformation thrust upon you by other nutty females, but the majority of us don’t want to see this exposure.

The saddest part is I can see other people looking at them in sheer disgust. They must notice this. How do they not?

This is why fat shaming is a good thing. I’m fat, not as fat as these bitches, and I’m ashamed.

I understand the weight loss struggle, but these ladies clearly have no interest in bettering themselves.

I just don’t comprehend how they can leave the house and think, hey, I look good. It has to be mental illness.

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