If you know that you are doing or thinking something crazy, but are aware that it is crazy, does it make less crazy?

I have seen many people do something that is insane and I wonder if they realize they are being unhinged or if they have no clue? If they have no idea that this is nuts, then are they more nuts?

I can think of many girls I know that were talking about doing something bat-shit to they guy they were with or pursuing and I would sometimes advise them against it. However, they still went and did their demented act. Are they more crazy because they should have known better because of intervention?

I am guilty of doing some disturbing things, but I know in the moment that what I’m doing is not normal. Since I’m self-aware of the madness does that make me less crazy? Maybe it makes me more crazy because I know better but still do it. Or does this fall under the guise of a moral compass of right versus wrong?

Regardless, it is all still unbalanced.

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