Make Yourself Comfortable

People are always saying to get out your comfort zone. Well, how do I do this when I’m always uncomfortable?

I’m just an uncomfortable person. The only time I’m fully at peace is when I sleep and that is only under the condition I do not have some nightmare.

Many things that people find relaxing make me ill at ease.

Getting a manicure and pedicure are so bad that I won’t ever do it again. Even the people who do my nails are always telling me to relax my hands and feet. How?  You’re working like dogs while I’m sitting her like a privileged asshole?

There is no way I would ever attempt to get a massage. It would make me more tense than I already am.

I cut my hair myself to avoid having to talk with the hairdresser.

The only thing that I do still get is waxed and though I’m uneasy for it, I tip the girl so much because I feel like a jerk.

I am not comfortable with having to deal with other people.

So really, I’m pretty much always out of my comfort zone.

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