It never ceases to amaze just how self-absorbed people are. I learned a very long time ago that nobody really cares when you are around and once you are gone they don’t care at all. However, you would like to think that people could have the self-respect to be honest.

It does not bother me if you think that you are some great person, the reality is that you are not. You have no loyalty. I suppose I blame myself in that no good deed goes unpunished. It really is against my general nature to help other people and I should learn not to since every single time I get burnt.

I did a lot for you. I listened to your horseshit. I helped you advance yourself as a person and in your field of work. But now that you believe I serve no purpose I am dismissed.

Not to mention, most people don’t like you and I actually humanized you. You come off like an autistic fool. You are just an uncomfortable being.

I have lost nothing. I am amused that you think your cold shouldering is hurtful. It’s not, it is annoying. You wasted my time and there is nothing that irritates me more.

Thanks for no longer wasting my time.

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