The Rat

We live in sad times. The fact that there are adults who go out of their way to seek out information on people they may not like or disagree with and then take this knowledge and tattle to get the person in trouble is disturbing.

If you have that much disdain for somebody, why not ignore them or approach them with your beef? These seem like far more reasonable ways to handle something.

The sad and pathetic nature of these unfortunate souls is compensation enough for their childish antics of snitching.

Do they feel better by threatening another person’s livelihood? Are they that lost as people that they think actions like these will guide them to better horizons? Are they so lacking in any integrity that they think this is normal behavior?

To the many people that have been on the receiving end of this weak play of jealous and hateful people, remember that you are a better person. They are miserable people who go through their hapless existences and will never amount to ever becoming a person of substance. They are contemptible. They are rats.

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