Make A Move

Isn’t it the worst when you’re into somebody that you sort of know but you don’t really know how to make a move?

I never learned how to flirt and I’m fine with that, it’s not my thing, I am on the spectrum when it comes to hitting on people. I don’t see the need in game playing. I just have straight forward lines like, “You’re hot, let’s fuck around.” Though this is mainly when I’m under the influence, though not always. Sort of like the classic Seinfeld line of everybody getting together because of alcohol.

So how do you approach a person, that you  peripherally know? I don’t even know how to begin. What do you say? How do I even know that they are definitely single? So many questions. I have my own questions like, I wonder if he has soft lips? How much tongue does he use when he kisses? What does his dick taste like? Ditto on the cum.

I obviously know I can’t ask him these questions due to societal norms, but I’m not a good small talk person, so how do even get my foot in the door?

The most annoying part is not knowing for sure if he is with somebody else. Perhaps I should not even be wasting my time on this endeavor.

I guarantee that I will pussy out and not make a move.


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