Nobody Walks On The Beach In January

I pulled into the Shell station that was a little bit down the road from the exit. It had too many cars parked outside for my liking. Don’t people work anymore? Who is just loitering around on a Tuesday at 10:00 A.M.? I mustered up enough mental strength to enter the gas station.  There was a satellite Dunkin Donuts. The line was seven people deep so I waited in line. I figured why not? Supposedly this is better than the gas station variation of coffee, why not splurge, considering this could be it. I waited impatiently in the line that was moving at a glacial pace. I was judging all of the sad sacks that were ahead of me in line, wearing their best sweatpants, at least it had not come to this for me. I was still wearing pants with buttons when I left the house. All these people seemed as depressing as me. What if all these lonely souls got together? Would it lead to happier times or would it devolve into the same pathetic tone of an AA meeting? I finally got my large black coffee and proceeded to the next line to get my cigarettes. Luckily the cashier at Dunkins was foreign and spoke broken English so she left me indifferent.

This line had five other people in front of me. They were no better than the people in the other line. All so sad. How does this happen? How are there so many miserable people roaming this Earth? Is it even worth feeling this way? Life is short in the grand scheme of things, but seems endless when you feel abandoned by it. The cashier for the gas station was also foreign, some sort of Arab, sometimes the stereotypes are just reality. I know there is a cultural divide, but this guy had zero customer service. His tone when he spoke was close to menacing. Luckily, I could give a fuck. It was my turn and I barked at him before he could bark at me. The three packs of Marlboros would be more than enough to tide me over.

I got back in the car and headed towards the on ramp for the highway. The cloud cover intensified.  Soon enough I would be at the beach.

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