About to Burst

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I have developed a horrible habit of holding it in to the last possible minute. By it, I mean my urine.

They say it is really bad for your bladder, but how bad is it really?

This mainly happens when I’m at work for two reasons, the bathroom is very far away from where I sit and the bathroom is freezing.

Who wants to take their pants off in frigid temperature? Nobody.

However, I’m starting to worry that this may cause irreparable damage.

Yes, I am lazy, but in 2019, how is there not a method of being able to go in your pants and it automatically dissipating? Where is the real science when you need it? Enough with cancer, the cure is apparently not happening.

I guess I should be happy I can hold it now and just wait for all the weak bladder fun that will inevitably be heading my way.

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