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I’ve discussed how loathsome I find gym couples, but there is a couple that I wanted to murder the other day.

They are actually both pretty good looking, nice fit bodies, so-so faces, but boy does this guy need to learn to put his girl in check.

There I was on the elliptical machine, minding my own bees wax when the couple gets up on the completely empty aside from me cardio deck and for some reason, just has to use the elliptical machine directly in front of me.

Fine, whatever.

Then the girl proceeds to just keep talking and talking and talking.

It was loud enough that I could hear her through the music in my ear buds (Ariana Grande, for those who are dying to know.)

I don’t play my music crazy loud, but shit I could still hear her.

Meanwhile, I can partially see the guy’s face and he is completely not paying attention to her, but she just keeps on yakking.

Why should I suffer? Just because he has mastered to tune out her voice frequency does not mean others have. Why should we listen to this noise pollution?

He needed to just tell her to shut up, but nope, he just let her run her yap.

This is the type of thing that encourages me not to go to the gym.

I detest gym couples.

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