The Sweet Smell of Revenge

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All these women keep talking about getting a “revenge body” after they have been dumped. Once again, I just do not understand females for the life of me.

What is the point of a revenge body? The guy you were with does not want to be with you for a single second longer. He has gotten rid of you. Why would you think looking better after the fact would make him want you back or jealous? Why were you not trying to look your best when you were with him?

Quite frankly, it would make more sense to get revenge by wishing horrible things on the guy. Wouldn’t you want him to suffer? Isn’t that what revenge is? That is far more reasonable then thinking getting “hotter” would somehow be a spiteful thing.

Guys care to a certain extent about physicality, but once they are over fucking you, they don’t care. It’s a been there, done that mentality. They would more likely rather fuck a girl who was less attractive then you, merely based on the fact that she is new pussy.

Only women would come up with a silly concept like a revenge body. If you really want revenge, you have to do something far more malicious.

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