I was watching my local news station the other morning and it was time for the weather.

The meteorologist was not the normal gal they have. This one was in for the permanent lady because of the holidays.

I was appalled to see that this interim weather girl had a wrist tattoo.

I know everybody has tattoos now. It’s like I always say, the new tattoo is not having a tattoo. However, they just do not look professional.

I could not even listen to the forecast because I was so fixated on this wrist marking. Cover it up during work hours, nobody wants to see your shitty ink.

The worst part is that I know this bitch has other tattoos in other locations. I don’t want to know that. I can’t take her forecast seriously.

I come from an age that if you have tattoos you were either in prison, in the military or just white trash.

I’m assuming the last applies to this lady and her distracting markings.

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