Sick Puppy

So the other day I was talking with a  couple of guys I know about random sex shit and squirters were brought into the mix. I have a long history with not really believing they exist. Like I know they do because I’ve seen the footage but I still think it may be CGI.

So this one guy was like, “Yo, it’s real. I have been with tons of girls who squirt.”

I’m thinking this is like a statistical impossibility.

He then says, “My dick is curved.”

I don’t know why, but that was like the fucking hottest thing to me.

Like I have zero interest in this dude, not attracted to him at all, but when he said that, I was ready to rape him, straight up.

How are you going to say some shit like that and it just be the end of it?

At least hook a sister up with a visual of that bad boy.

I have never had a curved dick, it seems almost as statistically impossible as being with a ton of squirters, but apparently I need to be on the lookout, maybe find out if this squirting nonsense is for real.

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