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So there are a couple of people I work with that are married, not to one another, and are having an affair.

It is rather blatant, we all know. I have never said anything about it. When people mention it to me I pretend like I don’t know because it is none of my business. I’m like one of the only people who does not judge it. I don’t know what their marriages are like and again, none of my business. You want to fuck, go ahead and fuck.

So the other day, a guy I work with said to me that the woman who is having the affair said to him that she thought that I was fucking my co-worker. Hold up bitch, what?

First of all, I’m like the only one not judging her and dismissing others that do, like I’m the only one not talking shit and then she turns around and talks shit about me. Fuck no, hoe, you must’ve lost your mind.

Second, the guy she insinuated that I am fucking is married with kids. Just because she is fine with ruining her life that does not mean other people are. I’m no angel, I used to fuck with married guys, but that was like 15 years ago when I was young and did not realize the severity of it. It’s not a valid excuse, still a scumbag thing to do, but I don’t mess with married dudes anymore.

Third, this is how life ruining rumors get started. What if she insinuated something to his wife? Or said it to some other person we work with, it is completely unprofessional and fucks up my shit and his. I’m not jeopardizing anybody’s job.

I’ve always been a girl that has a lot more connections with guys than females. It’s not sexual. It is just the way it is. There’s nothing even remotely close to anything than shit talking and joking around going on with me and this dude. This bitch better get her shit together. Stupid hoe.

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