Funny Things Overheard On UGA's Campus This Week: Night ...

The other night I was out getting some drinks and I got carded, like legitimately and I have to say it made me feel like I was 21 all over again.

The bartender asked me for I.D. and I thought he was fucking with me so I said, “Are you fucking with me?” To which he responded, “No.”

Well I had left my purse at the table so I did what any person who is old and has been carded does, I skipped over to the table and back to the bar.

I told the bartender, “You’ve made a very old lady very happy.”

He looked at my license and said, “You’re not that old.”

I said, “That’s what people say to make old people feel better.”

He then stamped my hand to show that I was indeed of drinking age.

The people I was with were like, “Why do you have a stamp?”

I said, “You old ass, tired mother fuckers just don’t get it.”

I swear to God, I should’ve been blown this bartender, he deserved it.

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