It’s Time

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It is very official, I need to lose some pounds.

I was at the gym, hat down low, ear buds in and away on an elliptical in the corner.

This guy comes out of his way to come talk to me. (I mean God bless him for having the guts to make the approach.)

And although Chris Rock has the joke, I said way before him, but I will credit him with it since nobody knows who I am.

To paraphrase, white girls don’t need a scale, they know they need to lose weight when a black guy starts hitting on them.

Did I mention the guy was black? Yes, the black guy, named Prince.

Now, most people probably think, maybe I’m being racist. I still stand by that it isn’t me so much as my pussy.

That being said, he is just not an attractive chap on any level.

I was shocked because I feel like I usually give off a wicked butch vibe and apparently he was not feeling it.

I suppose none of this is relevant and at the end of the day, I need to lose some weight, stat!

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