Not Even One

I was thinking about my recent vacation since I refuse to fully return back to my real life and something really struck me as a statistical impossibility.

There was not one super hot guy that I saw at the resort.

I just wanted something fun to look at, but how can this even be?

Does being coupled up lead to hideousness? There were a few guys that you could tell were once hot, but those days are behind them, hidden underneath what I call their, “happy fat.”

And so I’m not called sexist yet again, there weren’t any really hot girls there. Yeah there were a few sets of some nice gargoyles and decent bodies, but not one smoke show.

It’s not like they were total messes, but even the best looking couples were just almost good looking, like they were probably average at best, but looked better considering the rest of the sample.

At least the island scenery was gorgeous.

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