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I was enjoying a dip in the Caribbean Sea when all of a sudden it was ruined by the heinous shriek of a an insufferable twit.

There were two younger couples, looked to be in their early twenties, who were on vacation in paradise and yet this one girl was just angry.

This was shocking for two reasons, the first was that she is young and cute and on vacation and the second was from the sound of her accent she was from the South , I thought they were all hospitable?

Anyway, she continued to scream at and berate her boyfriend. It was extremely uncomfortable.

I just needed a few minutes of this shrill cuntiness to decide that he should just drown her because that would be his only option to receive some peace and quiet. (I think this answers what happened to Natalie Holloway.)

I legit wanted to swim over and have an intervention with him and be like, “Dude, you can find a girl who is cuter and nicer.” I have saved many a young man from abusive relationships with hideous, vile women.

If this bitch is this awful at this point in the relationship, it’s time to call it quits and move on.

Quite frankly, this girl should’ve been blowing him for taking her on such a nice vacation. The gall of her to just unleash on him. I hope he cheats on her regularly.

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