It’s Not Spring Break


See the source imageAfter a week in a tropical paradise I have learned that people are total savages.

I figured that since I was at an adults only resort that people would be on behavior.

Oh Lord, was I wrong.

They were partying like they were in Daytona Beach in 1987. It was gross.

They were all sloppy messes. As annoying as they were to be so flagrantly drunk, loud and obnoxious, this was not the most terrifying part.

Apparently, in their stupors they thought getting frisky in public view was a phenomenal idea.

I am all set with seeing fat peopleĀ attempting to intertwine on a swing in the ocean. I assumed it would have two potential endings, it ended with my second call of the fat lady falling backwards off the swing while straddling her beau. (The first option was that the swing would break under the pressure.)

It was an appalling display from beginning to end. The only thing more irritating than couples are drunken couples that are blobs trying to bone. It’s like a bad fetish porn come to life.

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