They Will Never Learn

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There’s a girl I know who is twenty four years old. She’s super cute, looks like Ariana Grande and is extremely put together for a girl her age. She has a job she loves, a lot of initiative and drive.

So why in the world is she about to get back together with her bum boyfriend?

Yes, they do have a child together, but that is not enough to get back into a relationship with a loser.

I usually am an advocate for the guy, but he really is worthless.

My problem here is not even with the guy, if he can get her, good for him. I just don’t know why she would waster her time with him?

Like many good looking girls before her, she is making the big mistake, that will suck even more time from her youth away from her over a useless nobody.

If I was a hot twenty something with some cash, I would be fucking with straight up wealthy dudes. My pick up line would be, how’s your credit score? followed up with, “net worth please?”

I guess every generation is doomed to repeat itself.

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