Whoa Nelly!

See the source imageI was doing my civic duty yesterday by placing my vote. I was waiting in line and there was a woman in front of me in gym attire. I was thinking that she really should not be wearing those athletic wear pants as they were doing her a total disservice.

As we approached the check-in, she said her name. Well, well, well. This was a girl that I kind of, sort of knew back in high school. Now I know it has been twenty years since then, but I was like holy shit.

This girl used to be super thin and super cute. Neither remain to be the case any longer.

She was not totally fat, but she was fat in all the wrong places. Like the fat distribution was almost like the remnants of mudslide, just all over the place.

Now this lady is my age and she looked about ten years older than me. I actually gasped when I saw how deep her wrinkles were.

I know I sound like a vain cunt, but, hey, aren’t we all.

It was just such a horrible downfall for her.

I guess to paraphrase, the late, great Patrice O’Neal, “women age like bread, not like wine.” And boy oh boy, is he correct.


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