Corporate Cunts

Generally most women are cunts, but for some reason this percentage gets drastically higher in a corporate environment.

Women who think they are high level somebodies are atrociously rude and brutal to other people they deem lower than them.

Drunk off what they think is some sort of power, they are unbearable. The most annoying part is that the have the four wall balls.

They know that because they are at work nobody can actually punch them in their dumb bitch faces. These mother fuckers would never dare take a tone like that in real life circumstances.

I pray for the day when I don’t need to give a fuck anymore and just verbally deconstruct their hideousness so barbarically to them that they have a break down.

People are always saying that companies don’t have as many female CEOs and high level executives, maybe it’s because women are cunts. And no, I’m not saying this because a woman who is in power and direct gets called a bitch and a man doing the same thing gets glossed over. That’s feminist horseshit. I’ve met guy bosses who are cunts too.

I’m blunt as fuck and I can be a cunt at times, but I am not disrespectful to people at work, if I was, these bitches would know what’s up and shut their traps for once.

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