The Ultimate Out

The other day I was out walking in an attempt to be less fat and there was an older guy, mid-fifties with a dog.

The guy was actually in really good shape for his age, but he had long surfer hair and sort of like this beach bum look to him, sufficed to say, it’s not for me.

He had a gorgeous Husky with him.

As I walked towards him I could sense this is a guy that’s about a numbers game and he was going to try and chat with me.

Of course, being the weasel that I am, I got my out.

As I am very mannered, I said hello and did a head nod and the guy started talking about the heat so I didn’t even stop, kept going and said, “yeah, I hate dogs, I gotta go,”

What kind of lunatic am I? I like dogs, but what kind of person says that they don’t? Even people who don’t like animals, don’t tell other people that they don’t.

Anyway, when I saw this guy again with his adorable Husky, he moved to the other side of the street.

I’m just saying, all you MeToo bitches just need to be far more clever.

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