Why do these retarded celebrity reporters and paparazzi ask celebrities this dumb fucking question, “who is your celebrity crush?”

Well, lets see, since they are adults and not 12 year old girls, perhaps they should be just asking the real question instead of this candy-coated nonsense, “What celebrity do you want to fuck?”

I don’t even think it is rude, we don’t need code language, we are all adults here.

Not to mention that Hollywood is depraved. I don’t believe a question like this would offend the delicate sensibilities of these debauched elites.

Does everything have to be so sterile and cookie cutter corporate for the public?

I wish just one celebrity would call them out on this, but I think we will not see another Britney Spears – Charlie Sheen level meltdown ever again.

It’s a shame, at least it would be authentic.



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