Not A Good Look

In case it has not been thrust down your throat enough, John McCain died. I’m not on some McCain shit, I did vote for him, only because he was not Obama, but that’s where it begins and ends with me on McCain.

What makes me actually like him is that he specifically did not allow Donald Trump and Sarah Palin to attend his funeral services. Now, I’m a spiteful cunt which is why this appeals to me and I think it is pretty funny. However, I’ve had to listen to everybody regurgitate that McCain was a hero and this great person. Well, if this is so true, then why is he pulling bitchy ass high school level Mean Girls shit? I mean, it is not a good look on a man, any man.

If he was as wonderful as they all claim he would have wanted anybody to attend, despite their differences.

So people can say all day long what a heck of a guy Maverick was, but his last actions tell a completely different story.

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