Get Out of Dodge

I can’t believe the nerve of some people. The other day I was out and about living my life and then I sensed it, a gaze. It was from a girl that I was once friends with, though the thought of that now is absolutely ludicrous. I was walking into a building and she was getting into her over-sized SUV and she thought I did not see her and probably would not have had she not been looking at me. Here is the kicker though, she was trying to dodge me. Can you believe that shit? As if she is so important that it would be below her to have to talk to me. Listen, if anybody is doing the dodging it should be me. This bitch is certifiable.

I think back to this so-called friendship and it was so one-way, in her favor of course. The girl is demented, she was always right, everything was the fault of another and it always had to be her way. She was exhausting and nothing but drama. To be fair, I was friendly with her when I was drinking and popping pills a lot. Anyway, one day out of the blue she just stopped talking to me, no reason, no nothing. I called her a couple of times and she never responded. She stopped talking to me like right before her birthday so I called her on her birthday and left her a message. She never responded. Whatever, fine, but this bitch always thought she was better than other people and apparently she still does.

Bitch, you’re living in a miserable existence, which brings me great joy. You ended up marrying a guy who totally cheats on you, shit, when I was still girls with you, I could’ve fucked him with ease. Oh by the way, brilliant move getting wifed up with somebody who is physically abusive, oh my bad, that was the coffee table you fell into. I’m sure that doesn’t happen anymore. You started this life that you think makes you important and high class, but your are low level, déclassé, white trash. You think you’re money, but you don’t even know what money is you pathetic wannabe nouveau riche imbecile. You’re a Real Housewives reject with nothing to offer.

So the fact that you think you should be dodging me just proves how removed you are from any sort of reality. Good luck with life, oh, wait, you’re too much of a dunce to understand that I mean that sarcastically.

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