Like the Creepy Old Lady That I Am

The other day I was doing something for work which required me to interact with a young gentleman of the  age of 19. I have to make it clear that it was work related, otherwise it might seem rather odd. Why would a 37 year old lady have to talk with a 19 year old boy unless it was her son?

I started talking with this guy who was actually not socially retarded, which is few and far between of the millennial generation, though he technically may be on the cusp of Generation Z. He is going into his Sophomore year at Roger Williams University. I have a very good friend that went there and still lives in the town, Bristol, RI. We were talking about Bristol and the school and what he may do for Graduate School as he is in the architecture program.

The entire time I’m talking to this kid, I’m looking at him, like shit, he is fine as fuck. He was tall, a little bit on the scrawny side, tan skin, light brown hair and gorgeous blue-green eyes. What a pervert? He could legit be my son if I was a total whore or as they call them now, a teen mom.  I know it’s wrong but if he was like, listen old lady, I want to fuck you, in a heartbeat, no thought necessary, I would be in.

At least I wasn’t a total slime, I could’ve asked him where he hangs out in Bristol. I’m sure he does fine with the young girls, but if given a chance I would turn him out. Good Bless, young, hot, courteous white boys.

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