Coincidence, I Think Not

All this hubbub regarding Alex Jones and Info Wars got a little more real with President Trump tweeting about social media companies and their treatment of conservative figures. This to me is actually funny because it was obviously government players that caused the de-platforming.

Bear with me, not to sound like Alex Jones, but it is too coincidental that in one day within the same time frame a bunch of big tech companies decided to put the kibosh on Info Wars. It was clearly a coordinated effort which is eerie in itself. However the question is why? Why did these companies all of a sudden, out of the blue decide, hey, let’s get rid of Alex Jones?

It clearly looks like they are do the bidding of a higher power. So who has more rank than these ridiculous tech conglomerates? Political figures.

Then the question remains, which government officials were involved in this?

This is like something out of a Commie playbook. Go in, go hard and silence.

Should be interesting if we ever find out who the instigators were, though I’m sure that mystery will remain somewhere between the Vegas shooter Stephen Paddok tale and why the Feds demolished that terrorist raining facility in New Mexico.

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