Why are people freaking out about President Trump revoking security clearances of people? It seems like the proper thing to do, quite frankly, I’m not sure why they still had them to begin with. That is the most shocking part of the story to me. Why would people who no longer hold positions have clearance? It makes no sense.

I’m a simple gal who likes to breakdown complex things so I can understand them, so here we go.

When a person leaves a job they are asked to hand over everything that they had access to within the company: keys, electronics, files and whatever else. This is the proper thing to do because a person no longer employed with the company should have zero ability to access anything. So why would this not apply to somebody like John Brennan? He is the former Director of the CIA. FORMER! Why should he have security clearance? He has nothing to do with them anymore. He should not have security clearance, but be allowed clearance on an as-needed basis if they need his insight and even then I’m not too keen on the idea.

I think everybody needs to pump the breaks and think about this logically. One-time employees do need to be given anything except a final paycheck and a God bless.

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