And The Stuff They Wore Was Thrown Together and Cheap

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It really irks me when I see people at work wearing clothing that looks inexpensive. How can they show up to a professional place dressed in such cheap looking attire. It seems odd to me because I own pieces that are perhaps not the best name brands but everything I wear looks presentable and expensive (and trust me, some of it is very expensive.) I just don’t understand how this can even happen in 2018.

There are so many options of purchasing somewhat decent clothing at affordable prices. Even if you are pulling something out of a K mart bargain bin, then why wear to work once it is rundown and washed out? Buy the cheap stuff for when you’re living your sad little life. I’m not saying you need to be the height of fashion, though it would be nice, but show up and don’t look like a slob. I don’t believe that is too much of a tall order.

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