Is it Possible?

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I know many people have made the observation that the general public is straight up dumb. Though I am very well aware of this fact, I am always stunned by what seems like extra-level stupidity. I’m not some genius, but I’m also not totally retarded. So if a person of average intellect like myself is thinking, “Shit, these people are complete idiots,” then it must be pretty bad. The crazy part is that legit fools think that other people are even dumber than they are. It’s like an endless cycle of dunces unable to identify that they too are dimwits.

Just look at any celebrities’ social media comments. Though some are highly mean spiritedly hilarious, others make you rethink how it is possible that people of this ilk even exist. I’m not even addressing the broken English that is being utilized, (though very frightening considering that English is not the second language to these people,) just the content of the comments is so extraordinarily stupid.

I just want to reiterate that I’m not particularly bright, so if I’m unsettled by this level of brainlessness it should really give us all pause to where we go from here.

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