Your Gear Is Whack

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There are several young girls in their twenties who work in my building. They have good bodies, but sweet Jesus, they can’t dress. They have no sense of style. How does this even happen? I never understood how a woman can have zero sense in fashion. The slap in the face is that they have the bodies to wear really nice things, but they look like frumps. What a waste!

This is not a matter of debating what is or is not fashionable. This is legit bitches showing up to work looking like disheveled sacks. How can you be young, with a good body and not know how to dress? Plus, these girls can get away with more edgy pieces because of their youth. I want to have an intervention with them. It’s that bad.

It’s like they try and wear what is on trend but somehow fuck it all up. It looks cheap, not in a whore-ish way but in a inexpensive, bargain bin sort of way. It’s gross.

They might as well just get fat and wear sweat suits, at least then they would have an excuse.

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