This Can’t Be Real Life

See the source imageI feel like this can’t possibly be my real life and that perhaps I am in my version of purgatory. It’s almost like the movie Groundhog’s Day. Life just seems monotonous and no matter what I try to do nothing changes. This seems like a version of purgatory. It is torture to the soul.

However, I think that though this may be a version of purgatory for me, it may be a reality to somebody else.

People who seem content and satisfied, for them, this may all be real.

Or perhaps this is all everything thrown into one, that this not a reality for any of us, that it is heaven, hell and purgatory all lumped together in one place and that is why certain people are in more or less fortunate situations. This may be why some areas are war torn and other are relatively peaceful or some have are more developed while other remain in the Third World.

I believe that there is a life lottery, but maybe this is not really life but an after-life.

Whether real or not, whatever this is, for me, it is torment.

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