I Was Just Saying Hi

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I was going for a stroll the other day in  a residential neighborhood. I of course, being raised with phenomenal manners, always say hello to people I walk by. Most normal people respond with a, “hello.” However, I experienced complete ridiculousness.

I was shimmying by a younger gentlemen, I would guess in his twenties who was walking his very adorable dog. I said, “Hello.” He gave me this look and mumbled back to me, “hi.” A no, no, no, no, no.

This guy absolutely thought I was hitting on him. The phrase grody to the max seems to be what I’m looking for. First of all, I would give this kid a rating of moderately ok, he had a hat on, so he may have been hat hot, but this is me being overly generous. Second, I was probably checking out his dog more than him because he was a fluff ball of cute. Lastly, I don’t go younger. Only once and that was to piss off another person, and let me tell you, boy did it work.

I don’t like how this guy has attitude like he’s fine. Yuck. Not to mention, his reaction is a girl reaction. Women usually react like that to men saying hello. As a man, he should at least entertain the possibility. You never know when a straight up whore who loves to give blow jobs could just be nonchalantly giving you a greeting. Not that I’m that whore, but I could’ve been.

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