Thirty Years

After thirty years, a man at work retired. This is what happened.

They gave him a last minute, poorly thrown together breakfast send off.

They sent out a last minute invitation on the morning of, to this pathetic breakfast bon voyage.

I happened to be outside when the man was leaving for the last time. He was carrying several boxes and was escorted out by two women who worked directly with him. They gave him hugs goodbye.

Did they offer to help him take the boxes to the car? No.

Did they offer to wait while he pulled his car around and then help him with the boxes? No.

They went inside and this poor bastard with his half un-tucked shirt, waddled his way all the way to the very far end of the parking lot, lugging the boxes with no one to help him.

This is what thirty years of dedication gets you, a shit goodbye and a see you later.

I believe that I could actually hear the crushing of a soul.

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