Here are this week’s new releases as per Rotten Tomatoes.

Hereditary(2018) 98%
A rousing crowd-pleaser at Sundance where it premiered, this supernatural horror film stars Toni Collette as a woman who suspects her recently deceased mother is terrorizing her daughter from beyond the grave.
Directed By: Ari Aster
Ruth’s Review: This looks like it might be a good horror flick. I always confuse Toni Collette with Tilda Swinton.
In this spinoff of the hit Steven Soderbergh trilogy, Sandra Bullock plays Debbie Ocean (sister to George Clooney’s Danny), who gathers an all-female team for a heist at the famous Met Gala in New York City.
Directed By: Gary Ross
Ruth’s Review: No.
Bring your handkerchiefs for this insightful documentary look at the life of Fred Rogers, the man behind the influential TV series Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, which entertained and educated children for generations.
Directed By: Morgan Neville
Ruth’s Review: I only like the Land of Make Believe, but this may have promise.
Jodie Foster, Sterling K. Brown, and Jeff Goldblum lead an all-star cast in this dystopian action film that revolves around a woman who runs a secret hospital for criminals.
Directed By: Drew Pearce
Ruth’s Review: This just looks like utter garbage. How does Jodie Foster have an acting career spanning decades? Only in America.
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