This Explains Everything, Almost

I have never taken the Myers-Briggs personality test until the other day. Apparently I should have taken this years ago and it would have explained so much to me. I am an INTJ personality. (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging) Apparently less than .08% of the female population has this personality. When I started to read more about females with this personality it revealed so much. All these things that are weird about me are still weird, but it explains why I’m not the norm.

This explains why it has been and is difficult for me to relate to other women and why women most often resent me, why I was always drawn more to what are deemed to be masculine things, why people see me as cold-hearted (I’m not, they’re just emotional), why I was never interested in marriage and children, why weak men can’t stand me but strong me tend to be my lifelong, good friends, my extremely dark sense of humor, my indifference to sex being a big deal, and my having no tolerance for lies and expecting the truth.

Like I said, I’m still a freak, but apparently I’m just wired differently.

This is what it most feel like when you get a fortune cookie and the fortune is actually accurate.

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