I’d Hit It

There’s this really annoying girl I know that seems to always find herself in relationships where the men hit her. Now, I don’t condone physical violence. I don’t believe people should be assaulting one another. However, if a woman hits a man she should be prepared to get hit back and vice versa. I’m not saying that this girl should be getting thrashed by these guys, but doesn’t it seem statistically impossible that every man she is with at one point or another hits her? Maybe it isn’t them, maybe it is her.

Quite frankly, she is super aggravating and irritating. She does not understand when enough is enough. The incessant pecking and prodding make her extremely insufferable. I would like to sock her in her dumb fucking face, but luckily I have restraint on my side. That being said, these men she drives to physical violence against her aren’t as lucky as I am.

I have seen her talking to her boyfriends and they have the patience of a Saint. She’s too much drama and nonsense. It’s exhausting. So yes, when these guys have had enough of her incessant crazy yakking and being completely unreasonable and physical with them, I can see how they might give her a good well-deserved smack. We all have our breaking points.

Again, I don’t think people should be hitting one another, but the question is never asked of, “What did she do to make him hit her?”

Most men in 2018 aren’t just going to go around hitting women, so if they are, then why?

If anybody has ever seen a really psychotic woman in action in real life then they know that sometimes a physical altercation is the only way of sedating her.

I don’t blame this girl I know for being hit. I don’t blame the men for hitting her the first time. After that, these guys need to get out of that relationship because there’s no reasoning with crazy and the next thing you know they will be getting silver bracelet-ed for some unhinged woman’s inability to control her emotions.

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2 thoughts on “I’d Hit It

  1. Anonymous says:

    Probably stupidest article I’ve ever read in my life. Do you know her Personally? Have you hung out with her? Do you know the true story? Were you there? You say you don’t condone violence but the article sounds like you do. It’s a pathetic article that should never have been Si, You ask…Why do they stay when men beat women the 1st time? I’ll tell you because I have 1st hand knowledge. By the time the man hits the woman with 2nd time she is already extremely confused and already and love and it is an addiction an absolute heartbreak and embarrassment. If she did hit him and I believe that could be true, but I have not seen it, This photo clearly displays on attack not a hit back. Whenever writing something so opinionated always make sure you have the facts.
    Media LjG


  2. ruthmazo says:

    God Bless for reading. Yes, I know her, I was friends with her for years. I don’t condone violence, it’s called sarcasm, don’t be so literal. I have the facts as I see them. Dismissing people’s opinions does not make them go away.


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