In A Nutshell

A buddy just came back from doing some military service in some shit hole country. He was telling my some stories about how when he was gone some girls from home would hit him up via social media asking him when he would be back. Now this seems like a nice, sweet gesture, until you realize there is only one reason they are contacting him, to get some dick.

Women are always yakking about how they are worth more than their holes, but apparently, as always, they are very wrong. This guy is out fighting in intense military situations, do these bitches ask him how he is doing? Do they ask him if he is okay? Do they ask him anything substantial? No, they ask him when he will be back home so they can get fucked by him.

It’s fine that these women want to be whores and fuck, but then they can’t in the same breath say that they offer anything else besides their orifices. All they offer is selfishness in the form of them getting a deep dicking.

If all you can genuinely provide is pussy that’s fine, but stop coming to the table like you’re this multi-dimensional deep thinker. You’re not some philosophical guru, you’re a cum receptacle. Own it, be true to yourself, enjoy the cum, leave everything else to the men.


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