I remember fifteen years ago I stated that people had gone so far off the rails with their wild, debauched decadence that it would no longer be shocking and that the only thing that would be unbelievable is being very conservative. For example, years ago being a whore was taboo and wild, now it is praised as feminism whereas in the older days, not being promiscuous was the norm and now a person who is not having casual sex is considered strange.

I think that my prediction really came to fruition with  Kanye West rolling with conservatives. Everybody had a total meltdown, they were outraged. Now, I don’t really believe that he is a person with conservative beliefs. I think that he enjoys showmanship and is clever enough to realize that what he is saying and what he is doing would be deemed controversial. The man loves a good showstopper, from the Hurricane Katrina Benefit to the Taylor Swift VMAs interruption. Whether West is doing this for intentional shock value or not, it proves the point that conservative ideals are now part of the counterculture.

It seems inevitable since the liberal ideals of today are even too much for some people who have believed in liberal ideology for their entire lives. I am curious to see if this countering of liberalism can really permeate the culture.

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