Who Cares What Kanye Thinks?

Who cares what Kanye West thinks? Can we please get over that he supports President Trump and is associating with people who hold conservative beliefs? Why in the world would anybody give this a second thought? I don’t really give a shit what any celebrity thinks about politics. These people all live in a different world of armed guards and gated communities. Their views and opinions on life mean nothing because they are living in an alternate reality.

People seemed to lose their minds and be shocked that West was saying and doing all these things. What’s so shocking? Nothing. Quite frankly, I don’t really care about any person’s political views aside form the people that I’m voting to represent me. Political conversation is beyond boring and although with the current President it is far more comical, it still falls somewhere in the realm of weather conversation.

I think what people should be shocked about is not Kanye rocking a MAGA hat, nobody is going to do or say anything to him, mainly because they can’t get by security. The mind blowing thing is that an average citizen can’t wear a MAGA hat without some sort of repercussion whether it be a physical altercation or denial of service at a restaurant. I have a hat, I don’t wear it outside. What does that say? What sort of country are we living in? People who voted for President Trump are still afraid to admit that they did. Isn’t that a frightening concept, that in America, people don’t feel comfortable enough to say who they voted for?

So perhaps people should not be consumed with Kanye West, but rather focus on how discourse and opposing ideas are no longer allowed to be expressed freely.

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