The Blob Continued

The Blob has officially moved in as my neighbor and quite frankly it’s worse than I ever could have imagined.

To be fair it is not just me that feels this way, my other neighbors are not too hot on The Blob either.

The Blob is grotesque, inside and out. It has no office etiquette. You know it is pretty bad if I’m the one saying they are ill-mannered.

The worst part is that there is no way of avoiding The Blob. You try and ignore it, but it does not pick up on social cues. I’m doing my best George Costanza of looking aggravated so I appear busy, but The Blob yammers on about itself and its Basic Bitch life.

If The Blob continues at this rate I will genuinely have to pull out my box cutter and end my misery. Though I’m sure The Blob will be so involved talking about itself it would not even notice that I was bleeding out.

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