I Feel Pretty Sick

Who is still giving Amy Schumer movie deals? This looks atrocious, like a bad, somehow even more shitty version of Shallow Hal. To be fair Schumer is just as bothersome as Jack Black, but that is neither here nor their.

Why are people trying to push that being overweight is okay? It is not. I say this as a person who fluctuates more than Oprah and is in a fat Elvis stage currently. At least I know what I am and I’m not proud of it, I am ashamed, as any fatso should be.

This was the person that was supposed to be in the live action Barbie movie. No wonder that fell apart?

I suppose the major problem is that this just looks unfunny. Fat or thin, the point of this thing is to be humorous and it looks like utter, uninspired garbage.

Perhaps with the release being today, those who are high as kites may gain a giggle from this dreck.

I’m mainly insulted as somebody who loves movies and comedy. It is unoriginal and falls victim to this homogenized social justice warrior machine that Hollywood insists on churning out. How about you make it something different with good comedy writing? Also, removing Schumer would not be a bad idea either.

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