If You Build It, They Won’t Come

What on Earth is President Trump doing?

He had one simple job, building a wall. This is the only reason he is in office.

I thought for sure this would be his first order of business, considering he does not need approval to construct it, but it seems to be low on the priority list. Well, let’s put things in perspective, if he wants a “W” in 2020, he better start building that bad boy the Trumpian way, ahead of schedule and under budget.

It really is not that hard, instead of looking at prototypes, why not do exactly what Israel has done? Yes, I know people don’t care for the Jews, I say this as a Jew, but because of such disdain for Jews, they know how to build a really good wall. He should copy from beginning to end what Israel does to protect its borders. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and a solid wall is the  greatest form of protection.

My advice is to start doing this immediately as it is a matter of National Security which falls under the umbrella of, oh yes, the President.

No, we don’t need bombings in Syria for National Security, but we do need, as Trump himself put it, “a big, beautiful wall.”

And no, the expansion of Obama-era fencing is not a wall.  That’s like saying the fencing around my house is as good as the walls of my house.

My field of dreams has a huge wall.

So the only question now is, will President Trump keep his promise because it doesn’t look as such?


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