The Fantasy

You know when you really want to have sex with somebody, but you know there is no possibility it will ever happen so you just have to think about basically sexually assaulting them? I know that people say when you finally get something you want you don’t really appreciate it and I’m fine with that. I really, really want to fuck this guy. The sad part is that I know it is not going to happen. I’m not asking for much, just some dick. I would do all the work, I’m fine with that.

Some people enjoy the fantasizing, I hate it. Every person I’ve really wanted to hook up with, not counting¬† famous people, I’ve always gotten to. It may not have been right away, but it eventually happens. I’m like a toxic substance, you may be infected, but it may take some time for you to really fall ill. Anyway, though the reality of being intimate with these people may not have been as good as it was built up in my mind, I prefer knowing that I landed that deal.

I think this person I’ve aimed my heat-seeking missile on is immune to my toxicity. I know, who could not be obsessed with me? Okay, fine, I get I’m horrible, but it is obvious that I’m the type of gal who would be a soldier in the sack. I’m not asking for forever, I’m asking for like a quick minute of your entire life. I feel like an evil villain who is consumed with this one task. The sad part is that this mission will not be accomplished and that reality, I don’t accept.

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