The Voice

I knew that I really don’t like this guy, but it became abundantly clear just how much he irks me the other day.

I was strolling down the hallway and I could hear him talking and I just let out an instinctual, “UCHH!” It was rather loud too.

Now, I’m sure if there were other passersby in the hall I may have looked a tad silly, okay, perhaps more like a complete mental patient, but I can’t be faulted for my vehement disdain for this idiot.

I mean the man is not only a fool, but he thinks he’s smart. He has such a undeserved highly inflated sense of self. He’s like a male Lena Dunham. Actually, now that I think about it, he does resemble her physically as well, both shaped like a bowling pin.

How can a person not hate somebody like that? He is clearly detestable!

The saddest part is that if I could just get off my chest what I think of him to his dumb face I would feel so much better.

I would still not like him and most likely he would be upset, but I would feel good and shouldn’t I treat myself every now and again?

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