Has Everybody Lost It?

I was watching a clip on some ABC news outlet in regards to the upcoming Academy Awards show. The entire point of this hard hitting piece was if the Oscars have become diverse enough or if they still have a ways to go?

What. The. Fuck.

In case we have all forgotten, these awards are based on being the best, whether it be acting, writing or directing. It has nothing to do with race or diversity. This does not seem like it should even be a discussion.

I am shocked that there were that many “diverse” nominees to begin with.

I don’t get Denzel Washington. I think he stinks. He is the same in every movie, like a black Leonardo DiCaprio.

That dumb movie Get Out is awful. The acting was weak, the plot was retarded and the only mildly funny part was when the bitch from Lena Dunham’s show had her ear buds in listening to I’ve Had the Time of My Life.

Perhaps the diversity is lacking because the work isn’t good enough to be awarded?


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