I’m Not Sitting Next to that Blob!

I recently learned that the replacement for my co-worker who passed away is close to being hired. Yes, that’s right, they decided to start interviewing ten days after she passed for a position that did not need to be filled promptly. The vultures were out in full force, the same ones who came to me with crocodile tears when they learned she had gone. I have no respect for any of these piggish, opportunistic swine.

That being said, the replacement would have to sit near me. On top of my not liking her to begin with and the added disdain for her participation in this job grab, she is just unaesthetically pleasing, She is like a big bowl of slop. I don’t want to be near that. She is a gargantuan beast. She uses up-speak like a cute twenty-something girl, but she’s a slab of pale doughy yuck.

I can’t possibly be expected to sit next to that. It’s totally going to ruin the property value.

To add insult to injury, she’s a super annoying, me-me-me hog.

I sense that this will not end well.

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