Solipsism Anyone?

I have never worked in such a toxic environment. The most frightening part of these sociopaths is their complete egocentrism. They only care about how things will benefit them. Now, normally this may be mildly insane to deal with so many people having this horrible trait, but it is amplified in that the company culture is all about family and having one another’s back.

I am far too old to deal with this level of self-centeredness and evil bitchiness. I didn’t play this shit twenty years ago and I’m sure as heck not going to stand for it now. The me-me-me attitude in the entire corporation is beyond appalling. This is probably the most hostile and uncomfortable place I have ever worked.

I am still trying to wrap my head around how awful these people are. I worked in a bar for four years, trust me, I’ve encountered some crazy, sociopathic, selfish assholes, but at least I could drink there or tell those cunts to fuck off. I can’t do either in this situation. Though perhaps, that would make me far more happy.

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