Jesus, Mary, Joseph & All the Saints

I don’t know why I did it, but I did it. I watched that atrocity to humanity better known as “Snatched.”

Poor Goldie Hawn! Why did she come out of retirement for this dud? She is such a fantastic comedic actress and this film does not di her justice.

Meanwhile, Amy “Size Six” Schumer was just unappealing in every aspect. That voice of hers is like a Valley girl meshed with that Kardashian  drawl. I have a horrible voice so when I say somebody has a shitty voice it is really bad.

Thank the Lord that this thing was only 90 minutes.

I knew I would hate it, but I did not realize how much. No wonder it bombed hard.

Only bonus side is that maybe no more Amy Schumer, though I still feel rather awful for Goldie Hawn for being wrangled into this monstrosity.

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